New Slot Online at PAF – Legends of the Colosseum

February 5, 2014 Posted in Slot News by No Comments launches a new video slot named Legends of the Colosseum in February and one can tell casino members of Paf have much to look forward to. Paf’s in-house games are always unique and extraordinary and Legends of the Colosseum is no exception. It is a pretty impressive piece of a slot machine and I am convinced that it will become a success online.

Legends of the Colosseum start whit you creating your own avatar gladiator by choosing the Gladiator’s gender and origin. The Gladiator is then placed on the right hand side of the playing field, which contains of five spinning wheels and 9 pay lines. This is when the actual game starts. There is a set of symbols that spins on the five spinning wheels and they all matches the slot machine’s gladiator theme. When you start the main game by clicking on the spin button, you will see everything from weapons to wreaths of laurel leaves swish by. These gladiator symbols will generate in cash prizes if they create a winning combination on an enabled pay line.

The slot machine is an enjoyable one, the graphics are excellent and the theme works surprisingly well – even though the Roman Empire and the gladiators’ time long since passed. There are a lot of cash prizes but Legends of the Colosseum also offers some special features. During the main game, the Gladiator’s strength level will be affected by what symbols that appears on the spinning wheels. The Gladiator’s strength level plays a major role in the bonus game. During the bonus game, the Gladiator will fight another gladiator and it requires a lot of strong biceps and triceps! The player will be given a chance to receive a consolation prize of free spins if his or hers gladiator loose the fight.

The bonus game adds an extra dimension of fun to Legends of the Colosseum and it’s a great reason for you to try is out. Another great reason to play Legends of the Colosseum is the €5,000 tournament that is held at Paf between 12-16 February. During these five days, Paf members will be given the opportunity to play Legends of the Colosseum and compete for a prize pool of €5,000. All participants will also get five free spins at the end of the tournament.

Play the new slot at PAF here

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